Take Part In This Song


i was asked if i would like to take part in making this song,

it's easy they said, just pretend to make up the words as you go along,

they told me, there's no worries, we’d be fine, we’d get along,

i listened, and now, i wish it would never end,

perhaps i could just tell someone, maybe a friend,

it feels like i’m in a documentary,

to see all those moments close up and hairy,

i remember hearing this once before,

i just cant remember why or what for,

i heard it once, twice, perhaps even more,

when i think about it i start to ascend,

but they wont tell me how much longer before the song will end,

it feels like a memory but i cant be sure,

i think i heard it once, twice, perhaps even more,

i made up the words like they asked me,

but it seems they all just swipe past me,

each time i watch it, it plays on my mind,

a song with no reason only a rhyme. 

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