Are humankind the worst natural disaster known to humanity?

Self's, the self belonging to itself, is written apostrophe s. This is similar to selfing as in hermaphrodite plants but Self's are different as they introduce binarism or binality to the ownership of self. If the self also belongs to itself it has by definition become an eternal spiral, an incomprehensible entity. So, to give ontology or dimensionality to Self's one must first un-binarise them. This process is undefined as yet, but theoretically once that a self has self it no longer needs to partake in the act of selfing, which only leads to an extinction anyway.  Once selfs are 'selved' they are Self's, which is effectively like a mould from which a reversal or an imprint that the unselfed or the one's unself is cast, and so no longer we are ourselves. This can be useful in understanding quantum cognition and goes some way in explaining intra-staticity and counterintuitive epiphany syndromes, and why it was necessary to introduce the 'art as an apparatus' in 2017.


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