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𝓗𝔂𝓵𝓸𝓹𝓪𝓽𝓱 presents

Vinny Reunov,  Rebecca Davies,  Matt Day,  Fiona Walsh,  Rupert Cole

Hylopath is an art apparatus initiated in 2017 for the exploration of the unfelt. Bringing together in this show six artists who work in multi speculative ways, with aims to find new modes of art practice appropriate for our post-human epoch. 

And in R&D, with London based artist Vinny Reunov, is Sport Art Salon, a project drawing from the 1952 Summer Olympics competitive art prizes, ideas of virtuosity, spectacle endorsement and celebrity vacuity.  We are conjuring antidotes,  ’self disintegrating ‘original’ art works’, and looking at how electronic social mycelia like movements can act as lye within the finite art commodity disorientation map. Conceiving machinations of neutralising capitalism ready ‘Self’s’  with irony cash-back props in markets of dream-scapes measured by ‘obituary-worthy’ metric-executive £Bn-cm rulers. Powered by asphyxiationists  ‘artists’ Tate&Lyle /Sackler /BP /BMW /Deutsch Bank… known respectively as manufacturers of slavery /drug addiction /pollutants /porn /crime…  all woven in the warm mesh of inextricably intra-wangled onomatopoeiaic sonorous word meaning matter.  

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Myriam Mégharbi performing as the 'Epiphonist' at Gallery 46 London, Liminality (cacophony), 18/08/2018.

Myriam Mégharbi performing as the 'Epiphonist' at Gallery 46 London, Liminality (cacophony), 18/08/2018.

Hylopath development day 2. 12/5/2018


Hylopath development day 1

Rebecca Davies, Myriam Mégharbi, Rupert Cole

Rebecca Davies, Myriam Mégharbi, Rupert Cole

EXHIBITION   1 – 15 February  2018 @ Gallery 46 London.


Photos courtesy of Bjørn Hatleskog & Kevin Quigley

Video curtesy of Hana Miyagi.

Hylopath Live performances and workshop, Andalucia Spain 2017.

Hylopath Live at Space Mountain Festival 6th, 7th and 8th October 2017

Video curtesy of Martin Glover.



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